Saturday, 14 June 2008

It's The Little Things

The other night my cousins came over for a BBQ and as typically happens when we get together conversation turned to the minutiae of movies, TV and music. Nelson brought the discussion around to Looney Tunes and how he used to replay a specific section of an old Bugs cartoon over and over. We talked about the little things in those cartoons that make them so memorable - Daffy shuffling his feet while playing the ukelele, Yosemite Sam's little asides to the camera or even the look on the face of a background character. We laughed over that one sequence in the Bugs cartoon for a good solid 10 minutes or so...

Why yes, we were drinking some refreshing malted beverages at the time. Why do you ask?

Anyway, the next morning, my 7 year old decides to pop in a few Looney Tunes from the DVD sets we have. And the first one he plays just happens to be "High Diving Hare" - the exact episode my cousins and I had talked about the night before.

"One for the money..."

"Two for the show..."

"Three to get ready..."

"And four to GO!"

You can probably guess that it's the "Two for the show" pose that was our favourite. The craned neck, the outstretched palms, the expression on Bugs' face...They didn't have to add those things in, but all these little touches keep these short films fresh and constantly entertaining. I love how my little guy is still finding new things in them (hell, so am I).


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