Tuesday 6 January 2009

I Need To Turn In My He-Man Membership

Yep, my days as a man's man, a bona-fide "guy" and someone that Spike TV and Budweiser would be proud to know have ended.

And it's all because I enjoyed "Mamma Mia!".

Oh, it's no masterpiece by any stretch and there are several missed opportunities - a few weak comedic moments, a bit of awkward slo-mo, etc. - but no one seems to want to discuss it based on what it is. The stage play was a tongue in cheek mash of a bunch of ABBA tunes (fine pop tunesmiths no matter what anyone says) where they were obviously trying to cram them into a fairly generic plot. The film does the same thing and simply lets its actors have fun. If you can't get a smile from Colin Firth in 1980s ABBA getup, then you have a heart of stone...

OK, OK, Pierce Brosnan is no crooner. Barely a singer. OK, he's not that either...But I've heard worse. Yeah, they're usually at a Karaoke Bar, but still - from the reviews you'd think that cats were yowling the world over because of what amounts to about 1-2 minutes of him singing.

But I've read the reviews. Apparently it's a "chick flick", "worthless" and something that no self-respecting guy could EVER possibly like.

So be it. I'll go hang with the ladies then...B-)

P.S. Uh, unless they're going to see "Bride Wars"...That looks downright terrible.


Anonymous said...

Watch two Jerry Bruckheimer productions, and call me in the morning.

(Just kidding)

Ryan McNeil said...

Wow...just wow!

PIPER said...


So does this mean we have to cancel our Sunday afternoon get-togethers where we eat Turkey Legs, smoke cigars and talk about Porn?

I have not seen this movie. Mostly because my wife saw it and said she hated it. So everyone take that chick-anti-chick-flick statement, stick it in your pipe and smoke it.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

To be honest Bob, I think it's a lot braver and manly to make this statement than to brush off the film like everyone else has. You can keep your He-Man Membership, and give it a +1 to courage!

I loved Mamma Mia! It was fun, goofy, lively, entertaining and even makes me get a little weepy. If Pearce was singing to me, I'll tell ya... I wouldn't complain! I thought he was awesome - really went for it full out. More bravery right there!

Bob Turnbull said...


Isn't that an instance of the "cure" being much more worse than the "disease"?


Hey, if I can't admit these personal things out on the web where gazillions of people can read them, where can I?


Thanks for pointing out that the reverse isn't true either. Not all women will like the film. I'm curious though - did your wife see the stage play and was disappointed in the film or did she come at it "blind"?

And there's no way we're giving up those Sundays. As long as you don't mind a little more chiffon creeping into the decor that is...


Yep, I agree about Mr. Brosnan - can't say I liked his voice, but he gave it his all. Skarsgard and Walters were also so-so when it came to singing, but they minimized their contributions and it was fine. Streep, Seyfried and Firth were all quite good and I have to say I didn't think the versions of the songs felt watered down at all.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

The only water was tears for me - I mean "The Winner Takes All?" Holy smokes, Niagara Falls...