Saturday, 29 November 2008


This particular frame from Don Hertzfeldt's Oscar nominated animated short "Rejected" just kills me...I think it's funny enough by itself ("Sweet Jesus - more sodium!"), but in the context of the film (which is a number of supposedly "rejected" commercial spots he made all strung together) it just takes on that added level of absurdity. As if those two blob-like things with stick legs weren't already just a wee bit absurd...And the end of the film is sheer brilliance as everything starts to spin out of control.

As I rewatched this the other day, when it cut from the poor stick guy (who has just walked head first into a Yield sign after having had his eyes unceremoniously removed by a visiting alien) to the fish sticks I laughed out loud. For longer than should reasonably be expected.

Here's the whole (and let me repeat this again) Oscar nominated film. There is some colour that eventually appears by the way. That colour is red. Be forewarned that there are some scenes where there is a lot of red.

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