Sunday, 2 November 2008

Toronto After Dark 2008 - Award Winners

Awards were announced on Friday for this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival. A record 3,500 votes were cast by attendees for the Audience Award Winners:

Best Feature Film

1. Let The Right One In

2. Repo! The Genetic Opera

3. 4BIA (Phobia)

Best Canadian Short Film

1. Treevenge

2. The Facts In The Case Of Mister Hollow

3. The Flower

Best International Short Film

1. I Live In The Woods

2. Kingz

3. Martians Go Home: The Revenge Of Sara Clockwork

Best Independent Feature Film

1. I Sell The Dead

2. Home Movie

3. South Of Heaven

Though I'm frankly pretty stunned that "Repo" snuck in for second prize in the Audience awards, I guess I shouldn't be...It had the built-in audience and there was certainly some good crowd reaction. It was still a mess though. I think "MirageMan" deserved that spot.

Otherwise the rest of the picks are fine. All three of the Canadian shorts were among the best. My favourite is still "Lazer Ghosts 2: Return To Laser Cove", but I can understand why the ones chosen made it. They are all superb.

I'm hoping to talk about some of the International Shorts in the next few days. A mixed bag to be sure, but some fascinating stuff as well. Especially if you are interested in Goblin Men from Norway...


Jamie said...

It's always been my firm belief that the artistry of "Citizen Kane" would have been enhanced had Orson Welles added Goblin Men from Norway to the script.

Bob Turnbull said...

I don't know about "enhanced", but it sure woulda been different...Maybe he wouldn't have been so lonely in Xanadu if he'd had a couple of Goblin Men to hang with.