Sunday, 7 August 2011

In 60 Fractions of Megon...

I finally got around to watching Mario Bava's colourful outer space B-movie romp "Planet Of The Vampires" (or should I say "Planet of the Alien Fog That Turns Visitors Into Something Vaguely Zombie-ish"). I expect I'm not the first to mention the odd lack of blood sucking creatures from the film, so I'll leave it at that. It doesn't really matter what label some suit decided to slap on it since the film is quite wonderful in its look, feel and how it completely embraces what a good B-movie should be - making the most of low budgets, meager sets and goofy, stilted dialogue with a storyline that moves at a solid pace and still provides some unexpected moments.

My favourite moment, though, was this rather wonderful bit of scientific gobbledygook from early in the film:

Crew member into microphone:

"In 60 fractions of megon we'll start landing maneuver."

Automated voice over intercom:

"The intensity of the gravitational field will be maintained at the wave moment of force G7. Synchronize the meteor rejector on the electromagnetic control device. Apply neurovascular tension. Supress corticle areas x, y, z. Insert the automatic controls. We will keep a distance of 2 parsec from our sister ship Galliot."

I particularly like the fact that a parsec is actually 3.26 light years and their sister ship Galliot is orbiting the same planet they are.

Anyway, I had a great deal of fun with it and continue to love how Bava and his cinematographers use colour and lights to not only paint beautiful visuals but to bring a sense of discomfort and dread to the proceedings.

A few samples moments:


Unknown said...

well, it took four 1/2 years, but someone else in the universe finally googled "60 seconds of megon" and were lead to your site!

Bob Turnbull said...

Why the hell isn't this phrase more popular?

Thanks for commenting...It makes me realize that I miss doing posts like this. One day I'll get off my ass and get back to it. I should probably update the look and feel of the old place first though...

CrazyYog said...

Yep, it takes about 4 /12 years and someone will google "60 Fractions of Megon". again. Next post will be towards the beginning of 2025.

I do have to wonder though if Megon is a minute and each fraction is a second, why doesn't the guy just say in One Megon... I mean I assume that a they are just making seconds sound more spacey, but who knows! Also, wonder what 60 Megons are...