Monday, 18 January 2010

Who Gets To Call It Art?

Peter Rosen's 2006 documentary "Who Gets To Call It Art?" mixes a portrait of Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Henry Geldzahler, the general artistic scene of New York in the early 60s and the wide influence of Pop Art. Unfortunately, that wide scope waters down the film's impact and it feels like it leaves out lots of interesting stories and details. However, if it doesn't quite bring you right into the early exciting days of a NY art scene that was breaking away from conventions or give you a full understanding of the mainstream acceptance of many Pop Art images, it still provides countless opportunities to showcase some lovely, interesting and intriguing paintings.

Here's a few of the many paintings found in the film - across several styles and covering influential painters as well as those who strove to break new ground. I don't necessarily love all of these, but they made people think and discuss the meaning of art and their personal perspectives on it (the film touches briefly on some of the very negative - and quite entertaining - reviews of several modern pieces). If you can create a passionate response from someone via your own creativity, than I think you've every right to call it art.

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