Friday, 21 February 2014

A Baffling Moment - "Deadly Spawn"

Despite pretty cool practical effects (mostly for the alien creatures), much of Deadly Spawn is baffling at times. Not really much more than your average cheap monster B-movie, but there is one short little snippet that confuses me and has made me laugh each and every one of the 30-40 times I've watched it so far. For some odd reason, the line reading given by the female character - as she sees her nephew Pete still alive after an alien attack - sounds all the world like a constipated Popeye on helium:

It shouldn't be that funny to me, but it is. Mostly because I just don't understand the rationale...Did the filmmakers really feel that we might think that anyone outside a 2 foot radius might have heard that cricket squeak? Was this really the best take on set or in the overdubbing session in studio? If so, what the hell did the other ones sound like? Why does this scene exist???

I'm baffled. Terribly amused, but also very baffled.

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