Sunday, 13 May 2007

Chick Monk - Roadie for the Defense

SCTV was one of the greatest TV shows ever. Full stop. No argument.

Tony Rosato was an early member of this Canadian show (coming from the stage of Toronto's Second City troupe) and this led to a 2 year stint on Saturday Night Live (1981-82, not exactly the prime years of the show). He created characters like chef Marcello Sebastiano, Chick Monk and Lou Grant (in a Mary Tyler Moore parody). Lots of additional TV work followed and though I had heard he had early troubles with cocaine, I expected that he was leading a reasonably comfortable life and possibly still acting occasionally.

So I was quite surprised this morning to see his picture on the front page of the Toronto Star with an accompanying story about his last 2 years - spent in jail. Since he hasn't actually been tried yet and there's a publication ban of some of the details behind the charges of criminal harassment of his wife, I could only speculate as to what has happened (and I won't). But to hold someone in jail without a trial for 2 years? Especially when his defense team have stated that they believe he suffers from a mental condition called Capgras Syndrome - a condition where you believe someone has been replaced by a double or an impostor (and no, you wouldn't be the first to think of "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"). The story goes into further details about concern for his mental state and it certainly appears that he needed some help.

Again, I can't state whether Tony is guilty, not guilty or mentally unbalanced. I just think it's terribly sad...

In better times, here's Tony with fellow SCTV cast member Robin Duke:

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