Thursday 4 July 2013

Basking In The Cesspool Of Filth #20

Was about to start a new Cesspool post (due to a few recent horror film viewings) when I noticed I had this draft kicking around from over a year ago. I figured I should at least make use of the screencaps even though I don't have too much to say about the films...

C.H.U.D. (1984 - Douglas Cheek) - I'm glad that I finally caught up with one of the go-to titles for 80s goopy horror...C.H.U.D. isn't great, scary, unsettling or horrific, but it is kinda fun - if you like sludgy, dripping monsters. And a svelte John Goodman!

Satan's Little Helper (2004 - Jeff Lieberman) - This really should be bad. Just plain bad. And some of it is (moments of, ahem, "acting" are more cringe inducing than most horror films). But overall, this really kinda worked. A bit funny, a bit disturbing and always a bit more creative than you expect.

The Roost (2005 - Ti West) - Anyone expecting West to deliver more throwback 70s horror style (e.g. The House Of The Devil) or a fine character-driven ghost story (e.g. The Innkeepers) might be sadly disappointed in his earlier effort here. But there's enough 1) decent tension-filled moments to entertain the viewer and 2) overall talent on display to give notice that much better films would follow..

Screamplay (1985 - Rufus Butler Seder) - Certainly not for everyone, this cheap (and made to look cheaper) fever-dream has line readings on par with open high school play auditions and a story that doesn't really lead anywhere. BUT, there's something oddly creative about almost every frame.

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