Wednesday 25 June 2008

Bizarro Blog-a-thon: Family Friendly Viewing for Michael Medved

As part of Energetic Eye Theatre's family-friendly Bizarro Blog-a-thon, I thought I would contribute the following...

Michael Medved is a renowned film critic (a truly insightful review of Happy Feet at the link) and an all around common sense kind of guy, so I take pretty much all my viewing cues from him. And he really doesn't back down from calling things like he sees them.

So given that, I thought it was time that I pass along a recommendation to him - you know, to give a little bit back in return for everything he's done. Hopefully something right up his alley. He's a funny guy with a great sense of humour right? So why not a documentary about the world's funniest joke? Some good old-fashioned straight-laced humour for the soul.

At least that's what I understand The Aristocrats to be. I mean, I haven't really watched it all yet. But I understand it has lively impersonations:

dry humour:

and that lovely Bob Saget from the family-friendly old ABC show Full House. How can you possibly go wrong entertaining young and old with all that?

Be careful with those clips by the way...I expect that with all those hearty guffaws you'll be having at the gentle Reader's Digest humour and with the crowds you may gather, the videos might be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Enjoy Michael. It's the least I can do. Really.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Medved seems like a very aristocratic man himself. I'm sure he will enjoy the uplifting humor imparted from the Hollywood elite!

elgringo said...

I knew right away when I read the word "impressions" that I'd soon be watching a video of Kevin Pollak.