Monday 24 August 2009

Shinsedai Cinema Festival 2009 - "Maledict Car"

I need to write a bit more on the 4 feature films and several shorts I saw at Shinsedai this year (considering the quality of everything I saw, I really regret not packing more in), but I just wanted to quickly post one of my favourite short films: "Maledict Car".

It's actually a music video for the artist Jemapur directed by Kosai Sekine. It reminds me somewhat of some old Michel Gondry videos (in particular "Star Guitar" by The Chemical Brothers), but this stands on its own as a terrific use of slow camera movement and mirroring shots in 2, 4 and more sections. Here's the whole video:

I'll try to post a few more items about the lineup of films I saw over the next few days (I still desperately have to catch up on the After Dark films I saw). I was fortunate enough to meet Jasper Sharp (co-curator and co-director of this first, but certainly not last, Shinsedai festival) during the festival, so when you can end a fest by getting a signed copy of "Behind The Pink Curtain" by the man who is directly responsible for getting you into Japanese film in the first place as well as snagging several drinks of sake, you know it's been worthwhile...

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