Saturday 26 June 2010

Ryuji The Gun Slinger

Don't tell me that Facebook isn't useful. The good people at Wild Grounds recently posted the following trailer there:

It's looks like tremendous fun and has all the hallmarks of so many of the Nikkatsu action film from the 50s and 60s. The film was directed by Hiroshi Noguchi - a man who was a mentor to one of my all time favourite directors Seijun Suzuki (according to Mark Schilling in his recent book "No Borders No Limits").

If the 4 minute trailer is too much to handle (it's worth it just for Jo Shishido's chubby cheeks and smiling mug), some of these screencaps I took from it should at least whet the appetite:

As far as I know this isn't released anywhere on any region (correct me if I'm wrong please!), so one can only hope that the good folks at Criterion/Eclipse might sneak this into another Nikkatsu set in the not too distant future. Set number 1 was glorious.

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