Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Month of Horror - Again

There I go again recycling content...Even though I made this montage last year, I thought I should start off my October Horror viewing with it again. I mean, it's not like those movies got any less scary.

As with the last few years, I hope to be posting short snippets about each and every horror film I watch during the month. Last year that was almost 50, so we'll see what lies ahead this time out. With the Toronto After Dark Film Festival shuffling back to October (the lineup is looking pretty fun, but I'm most excited about Ti West's "The Innkeepers"), I'll definitely be getting a good solid 17-18 screenings in there, but may not write about all of them in capsule form.

Looking forward to another entire month of frights, scares and shivers. Oh, and goo. I'm gonna assume there will be lots of goo again.

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