Monday 1 October 2012

Again with the Horror?

Yeah you bet I'm recycling content again...Even though I made this montage two years ago, I still like starting my October Horror viewing with it. Though I'm going to once again try to squeeze in as many first time horror film viewings that I can, I really would love to watch all those I used in the montage again - right now.

As with the last few years, I hope to be posting short snippets about each and every horror film I watch during the month - usually in bunches of four at a time. So hopefully my first post will be in a few days. With the Toronto After Dark Film Festival coming up on Oct. 18th (watch for my preview very shortly), I'll definitely be getting a good solid 17-18 screenings in there, so hopefully I'll get a few full reviews packed in as well.

Looking forward to another entire month of fantastic frights and shivers. And even more goo than last year.

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