Friday 5 April 2013

Thanks Roger...

Thanks Roger.

Thanks for teaching me a great deal about film. Thanks for opening my eyes to not only different interpretations of popular movies, but to entirely different realms of film. Thanks for introducing me to Fellini and Kurosawa. Thanks for showing me there were smaller films out there worth looking for. Thanks for Flirting.

More importantly, thanks for engaging me at an early age with smart discussions. Thanks for showing me you could disagree with someone, but still learn a great deal from their arguments. Thanks for helping me learn to express my opinion, defend it with reasons and allow it to evolve. Thanks for always providing context.

We didn't come close to always agreeing, but I always knew where you stood and typically learned something, appreciated a different viewpoint or was at the very least entertained.

Thanks. Cheers to you good sir.

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