Thursday 30 October 2008

Toronto After Dark 2008 - "Lazer Ghosts 2: Return To Laser Cove" (short film)

"Come with me, if you don't want to be dead".

One of the very best things I saw all week was the short film "Lazer Ghosts 2: Return To Laser Cove". Made to seem like a trailer for the film of the same name (there isn't actually a Lazer Ghosts 1 - but dammit there should be), it's really a love letter of sorts to late 70s and early 80s cheesy horror and sci-fi. The goofy green laser effects mix in perfect doses with the cornball script and purposely off-kilter acting.

Made by a team of filmmakers from Canada under the name Astron-6 Video, they have several other videos under their belts with titles like "No Matter What...You're Dead!" and "The Sweatlodge On Skull Rock". Their titles alone scream brilliance. And apparently they are going to release some of this stuff including their only full length feature film "Goreblade: Warrior King Of The Universe" (See? Brilliance!) on DVD sometime soon.

In the case of Lazer Ghosts 2, a pack of evil laser-equipped ghosts led by the even evil-er spirit of Einstein fight against a geeky guy, a cop who follows his own rules and a sexy scientist. Gold.

Here's the whole thing below. It's actually probably longer than any trailer you've ever seen (with like the last half being the actual end of the film that the first half was hyping), but by the end you really wish there was an entire feature film by this name. It's even better when you see it with a crowd on a big screen and just laugh until it hurts.

This short played before "Mutant Chronicles" and put it to shame. In 9 minutes it packed in more entertainment than the feature did in 111.

Update: As James pointed out in a comment below, I forgot to include the name of the director. His name is Steven Kostanski and he has a bunch more stuff available at his web site.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I agree with you about the awesomeness of Lazer Ghosts 2. The director is Steven Kostanski and he has a whole bunch of stuff available at

Bob Turnbull said...

Thanks James...I knew I forgot to include something in that post...I'll update it now.

Anonymous said...

What a rad movie! I'm going to keep an eye out for more of this. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Turnbull said...

Glad you liked it too Adam! I can't wait until that DVD comes out...