Tuesday 21 July 2009

Terror-ible, but fun...

I guess I've been a bit fixated with horror and monster films of late. No particular reason - they've just been a bit easier to post about. So here's another one that caught my eye recently...

Hajime Sato's 1966 "The Terror Beneath The Sea" is, by all accounts, a pretty terrible movie. The acting (an entirely English cast except for Sonny Chiba and a few other random Japanese characters) is weak, the dubbing just plain bad, the story ridiculous and the action scenes poorly constructed.

It's weirdly entertaining though. There's some spiffy sets and Chiba's hammy over-expressive facial contortions feel like they are purposely there to garner giggles. There's also this monster transformation scene complete with reaction shots:

"My God, he's being covered with tissue paper..."

"Oh no! Not the cinnamon drizzle!"

"I can't look...They've put him on a bed of arugula..."

"Pork ribs! Aaaaahhhhhh!!"

"They've put him on ice..."

"The hot cross bun treatment! The fiends!"

"Creamy vanilla icing! How could they?!"

"They wouldn't dare...They couldn't...They did! Almond slivers!"

"Lemon filling...Will they stop at nothing?"

And here's the result in all its technicolour, cross-eyed goodness:

See? These posts just write themselves...


Ed Howard said...

Hahahaha how long was that transformation scene? Looks insane.

Bob Turnbull said...

Yeah, I think the scene is a good solid 5 minutes long. It was pretty bad - but enormously fun (though Peggy Neal as the simpering blond was a bit too annoying).