Monday, 29 March 2010

Directory of World Cinema: American Independent - Free download!

The lovely folks at intellect have made available online their latest and soon to be published tome. The Directory of World Cinema: American Independent comes hot on the heels of the Directory of World Cinema: Japan which will be available shortly in physical form. Since I was fortunate enough to have contributed several reviews to the latter of those two books, I'm very happy to see the former one now available too. Jeremy from Moon In The Gutter is one of the contributors this time around and even wrote one of the introductory segments. Most excellent.

It's a satisfying grab bag of different styles under the banner of "independent" and gives a solid overview of a number of films and directors that were equally as influential over the last several decades as any Hollywood name you could mention. Looks like it's well worth pre-ordering a hardcopy version too - I've had my advance copy of the Japan book for awhile and it's a fine package.

The web site has a direct download link to the pdf file of the book.

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