Friday 30 April 2010

Love At The Twilight Motel - May 2nd Free Preview (in Canada) on CBC's documentary Channel

I suppose the title of the post has all the info you need...And yet, I'm going to expand on it anyway.

I may have mentioned the great Canadian documentary "Love At The Twilight Motel" once or twice before, but it bears repeating. Especially when it is going to be shown nation wide (the Canadian nation that is - the rest of you will have to wait) on CBC's documentary Channel during its free preview (April 30 - May 2nd). It will be telecast on Sunday evening May 2nd at 10:00PM.

It's a terrific film and I'm thrilled that it's getting a chance to reach a wider audience - one that can remain at home, flip on their TVs and meet some remarkable characters.

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