Monday 5 April 2010

Love At The Twilight Motel

With the 2010 Hot Docs Film Festival quickly approaching, I was going over some of the screenings I attended from last year's festival - two of which made my Top 10 of the year. A day after doing this, I was thrilled to see that one of those two - Alison Rose's Love At The Twilight Motel - will screen again in Toronto this month. The film is dedicated to portraits of 7 different people who frequent the hourly-rated motels on a specific strip in Miami (there are around 20 such motels on that single street). Not only are these people fascinating and their stories revealed in surprising increments, but the entire film looks gorgeous as it mixes Miami street scenes with wonderfully framed interior shots from the interviews. Here's my review from last year.

The film screens at The Royal (608 College St. West) on April 10th & 11th and then again at Revue Cinema on April 14th & 15th (400 Roncesvalles Ave.). All start times are 7:00PM. Since director Alison Rose is a local Toronto filmmaker, she will be in attendance for each of the screenings.

This film absolutely deserves as much local support as possible, has received excellent praise from local press (The Globe And Mail, Now Magazine, and has also won the Best Documentary Award at the 2010 Female Eye Film Festival. If you're at all interested in compelling yet flawed characters and good storytelling, please try to make it to one of the Toronto screenings or (since I know that's not exactly "convenient" for people who don't actually live here) at least watch for this film in your own city or for a future DVD release.

Here's a full 3:44 clip from the film (YouTube has it as well.):

Love at the Twilight Motel from Inigo Films on Vimeo.


Ryan McNeil said...

Interesting flick - I might have to take a break from watching Hot Docs screeniners to go give this a look!

Speaking of Hot Docs, did you get the email I sent about capsule reviews?

Bob Turnbull said...

I highly recommend it obviously...I need to get on top of getting some Hot Doc screeners as well - maybe I'll put in my request this weekend. How many did you ask for?

And yes, I did get your other email...I'm struggling to stay afloat with a number of things at the moment, so I haven't had a chance to respond. I will today if possible...

Ryan McNeil said...

Take yer time Bob - just wanted to make sure I had the right email address for you.

As for screeners, I sorta feel like I opened Pandora's Box by going down the screener road. I asked for close to thirty, with a note on the bottom stating that in no way did I expect to get them all.

Originally, the office sent me 18 (!) Then a week later another three arrived. Then yesterday I was given one more. Thus I'm at 22 with nary a gripe from the fine folks at Hot Docs.