Sunday 13 April 2008

Precious Images

"Precious Images" is the name of Chuck Workman's 1986 Oscar winning short film that edits together 100 years of moments from film (English language film that is - it was made for the Directors' Guild Of America). I just stumbled across this in IMDB while looking at the details of another film. And go figure - the whole thing is on YouTube.

With only 8 minutes, it'll of course leave out some great stuff. As well, if you were up in arms about the lack of imagination of the AFI Top 100 lists, you may have similar feelings after watching it ("Argh! Why don't they ever include blah-blah-blah in these things!?"). However, it's still quite an amazing collection of clips covering some great films and has some great editing and choices of segues (e.g. from Esther Williams to Jaws). I had to go back and pause the video a few times because the images were zooming by so fast - and you really want them to linger.

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