Thursday 6 September 2007

Additional 4 TIFF Films

Not content with my measely 10 films, I went online Wednesday morning just after 7AM to see if I could snatch up a few more individual picks. A very large proportion of the films were available, so I selected an additional 4 that fit my schedule. After placing the order, I didn't receive any email confirmation and couldn't get back into my account on the web site, but this morning I received an email stating all was well and my tickets were waiting for pickup. Yay for me!

Here's the additional 4 films:

  • Ploy (Pen-ek Ratanaruang) - Saturday September 8th @ 7:00PM (Scotiabank Theatre 14)
  • Chrysalis (Julien Leclercq) - Saturday September 8th @ 9:45PM (Scotiabank Theatre 1)
  • The Exodus (Pang Ho-Cheung) - Monday September 10th @ 9:45PM (Cumberland 2)
  • Sad Vacation (Shinji Aoyama) - Thursday September 13th @ 6:15PM (Scotiabank Theatre 14)

And it all kicks off tonight...


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Oh, good picks! Those were all on my radar at some point, and I will be seeing Chrysalis and Sad Vacation.

Happy Festivalling!

Bob Turnbull said...

You too Shannon! I'm deeply jealous of your own lineup.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your first film tonight, Bob. My Jar City review is up. Will you be posting your reviews?

Bob Turnbull said...

Hi James! Yes, I greatly enjoyed my first screening (particularly because I was able to meet up with J Robert in line for some pre-film chit-chat) and am actually trying to write up a review for it as we speak...Don't think I'll finish it tonight though since I should get to bed before my 9:15 morning showing of "You, The Living".

I will try to get it up on the site by tomorrow some time, but I also have two more films tomorrow evening - oh the hardship...

I fully intend to write something for all my films, but I'm not a particularly fast writer...So I don't expect to be overly timely. B-)

Though I would still like to see Jar City, having just read your review I'm kinda glad I got bumped to my second choice - two excellent hour long documentaries about democracy in Pakistan and China. It's not quite as simple as all that, but that'll have to do for now.

Anonymous said...


It was great meeting you last night. Sorry I skipped out before the Q&A, so we didn't have a chance to talk more. But I'm sure I'll see you multiple times this week.

I'm glad you enjoyed the screening, too. I thought it was a great way to start the fest.