Sunday 30 September 2007

October is going to be a Horror-ible Month

Update (as of October 1st) : As per Piper's comments over at Lazy Eye Theatre, there's additional reasons to believe that October will be Horror-ific (numbers 5 and 6 are links via there).

1) Toronto After Dark Film Festival - Just talked about it here. October 19-25th.

2) Kairo (Pulse) - The Canada Japan Society has Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s excellent and very creepy 2001 film scheduled for October 19th. I've never seen this on a large screen, so I'm looking forward to it. If you are in town, join the rest of us cowering behind our seats...

October 19th @ 7:00 p.m.
National Film Board Theatre
150 John Street, Toronto
Admission: $8.00

3) Home Theater Forum Scary Movie Challenge - This will be my fourth year in a row trying to cram as many "scary" movies into the month of October as possible. The idea of the thread is to watch 'em and discuss 'em. It's given me the impetus to try and catch the "classics" (up until last year I had never seen "The Exorcist") and find some really good (and bad) lesser known films.

4) Shoot The Projectionist has announced a new list - The 31 Flicks That Give You The Willies. Everyone is invited to participate in the nominating portion (initial list of 31 unranked nominees is due Oct. 13th). This will help whittle down the candidates before the final vote (date yet to be decided, but likely around the 27th). It's not to be taken overly seriously - have fun with it. I'm still trying to figure out my own submissions...

5) 31 Days Of Zombie - The Projection Booth will be pondering the true nature of zombies for the entire month of October. It's really a month long blog-a-thon.

6) 31 Days Of Hitchcock - The Distracted Globe is hosting an entire month of articles and reviews regarding The Master's films.

The horror...The horror...


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

October is looking like it will be rounding out to be a fun and scary month!

PIPER said...


What film is the screen capture from at the bottom of this post. Is it Ringu or Ju-On? Anyway, I'm pissing my pants in fear.

Bob Turnbull said...

Shannon, it certainly is! I've already watched "Suspiria" (it had been awhile) and Corman/Price's "Twice Told Tales".

There's a bunch of other non-scary things as well...New Cinematheque season starting and a bunch of screenings of Japanese films presented by Japan Foundation.

Piper, the screencap is from Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Seance". It unfortunately doesn't get a lot of discussion when his films come up - possibly because it was made for TV and is 1.33:1 (I can't remember if I included that in the email I sent you awhile ago). I think it's pretty terrific, though more creepy than outright scary (and not just due to the ghosts). But yeah, scenes like this one where you get those slow ghostly apparitions kinda make me whimper while curled up in a ball.

Sorry about the pants...