Sunday 23 September 2007

Citizen Dog

Wisit Sasanatieng's 2000 Tears Of The Black Tiger was a giddily coloured melodramatic (if occasionally silly) take on a Thai Western. His follow up, 2004's Citizen Dog, is equally colourful and is more of a romantic comedy, though with many surrealistic touches. The comedy doesn't always work for me (some is a bit too broad), but it's entertaining and eye candy of the purest form:


Eddie Hardy said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I didn't know how else to contact you to ask for your participation in a survey I'm conducting to be published on Halloween, of the 31 GREATEST HORROR FILMS. I'd love it if you, or any other interested parties, would submit a nominating list. Even if you're, like me, not the biggest horror movie geek--that's one of the reasons I'm doing this, to find out about some more great movies.

Here's a link to the original announcement.


shahn said...

geez, that is one beautiful film.
is it eye candy purely for eye candy's sake, or is it actually worth watching?

Michael Guillen said...

How can one answer such a question? Of course it's worth watching, even if you do or do not like it. But if you have gut instincts that tell you, "Maybe I shouldn't watch this film...", go with your instincts of course.

Beautiful stills from the film, dude!!

I have a soft spot for this film because it was my write-up for it that secured my gig with Twitch, which is how I secured my press credentials at TIFF. One thing leads to the other, eh?

Bob Turnbull said...

Very cool Michael...I found your review and read it - great stuff. It's pretty hard to take a bad screencap in this film...

shahn, I think the film is definitely worthwhile. Though there are spots of comedy I didn't like that much and a main female character that annoyed the crap out of me sometimes, there is still a great deal to really enjoy here (even outside the beautiful visuals) - the love story comes together nicely at the end and there is also some good deadpan comedic elements.

And I couldn't help smiling throughout most of it.

Anonymous said...

It's funny. I had real problems with this film when I saw it at TIFF in 2005 ( but when I recently saw it available on DVD for less than $20, I was really tempted to pick it up. Looking at your screencaps confirms it. This is definitely a film I'd like to look at again ("watch again" is probably not accurate, though).